august 2009

CROSSING OVER: Remembering GORDON WALLER, one-half of the beloved British Invasion duo Peter & Gordon.

We couldn't let the month pass without placing the dunce cap on two deserving skulls-those belonging to REP. THADDEUS MCCOTTER (R-MI) and, in a repeat appearance, REP. VIRGINIA FOXX (R-NC). McCotter is cited for continuing his history of picking (he's a guitarist) while his state burns (with rising unemployment and vanishing industry). McCotter's latest stunt is to ignoring his state's needs and waste taxpayer money by threatening to introduce legislation demanding President Barack Obama apologize to the Cambridge (MA) police department. Rep. Foxx, threatening to surpass country dolt John Rich as most honored dunce, is proving she belongs in a straitjacket by leading the lunatic charge of the Deathers, the political and media wingnuts trying to convince Americans that healthcare reform equals death for seniors.

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