by Chuck Prophet

The former Green on Red guitarist and still-resolute musical iconoclast posted a warm remembrance of his friend, written when Alex Chilton was still with us. Plus, in our video tribute to Chilton, Tennessee Representative STEVE COHEN remembers the artist in an address to the U.S. House of Representatives. Videos include Chilton solo, with the BOX TOPS, and music from BIG STAR.

Whether playing a scientist receiving messages from Mars, an American soldier imprisoned by the Germans in WWII, a benevolent rancher raising an adopted orphan son, ‘the impervious genius’ leading the Impossible Mission Force or a debased airline pilot, PETER GRAVES made his every appearance on the big or small screen worth cherishing. An appreciation.

Buckskin Becomes Him—The actor whose portrayal of frontiersman/politician/soldier Davy Crockett made him a ‘50s cultural icon and also demonstrated the power of the nascent medium of TV as a marketing tool passed away last month. He was 85. In his later years, Fess Parker established himself as a successful winemaker in California. Therefore, a toast to his life in this issue.

Definitively and Definitely Cool: Actor Robert Culp, who starred memorably with Bill Cosby in I Spy for three seasons, and with Elliott Gould, Dyan Cannon and Natalie Wood in Papul Mazursky’s satiric examination of changing sexual mores in the ‘60s, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, died of a heart attack on March 24. ‘He was the big brother all of us always wished for,’ Cosby said of his friend and co-star.

Calling All Angels—Johnny Maestro, with the Crests and the Brooklyn Bridge, was as fine a vocalist as his generation produced. All along, he was on the side of the angels.

*JIM MARSHALL—The rock photographer of legend, and of legends, died in New York City on March 23.

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