ROBERT CRUMB and his new illustrated Book of Genesisoccupy the debate this month, in a three-part colloquy (well, sort of a colloquy, even though the participants are not directly speaking to each other). In ‘So Crucify Him,’ LAURA HUDSON, Editor-in-Chief of Comics Alliance, examines the umbrage certain Christian groups have taken at the appearance of Crumb’s book. ‘The book is this bizarre cultural nexus where the hyperactive moralism and whitewashed Scriptural cherry-picking of many Christians runs headlong into the reality of a) life and b) the book that they consider literally infallible, and it's seriously incredible to sit here and watch them crash together,’ writes Hudson. In a related piece, NICK BAINES, Bishop of Croydon and also noted as one of the Church of England’s “blogging Bishops” (, weighs in on the Crumb controversy stirred up by the publication of Book of Genesis, claiming it was a bit of piffle stirred up by Mr. Leach’s call to Michael Judge of the Christian Institute—who also figures in Ms. Hudson’s piece—without which Bishop Baines asserts there would be no fuss made of Crumb’s four-year endeavor to depict the Bible’s first book in visual terms. Mr. Baines then proceeds to tick off five solid reasons for his opinion of Crumb’s latest work as ‘an excellent book and well worth the read.’ And not least of all, Crumb himself speaks, briefly, in email correspondence with a writer from the website Molossus (“An online broadside of intelligent world conversation” at seeking an interview with the fabled artist. Though he cannot grant the writer any time, Crumb does respond to a couple of email questions with typical flair, well worth reading, especially the part about him jumping on women’s back in Los Angeles. Some things never change.

GOSPEL REVIEW: IN GOD’S TIME, Barry Scott & Second Wind As an older 2009 release—June to be precise—Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver alum Barry Scott’s solo debut would seem to have passed its “sell by” mark as far as reviews are concerned. But your faithful friend and correspondent admits to overlooking it and thus comes forward begging forgiveness for his trangression. In God’s Time is one memorable gospel album, an outstanding display of high caliber musicianship, stirring harmonies and well crafted original songs, all serving Scott’s various messages about the nature of faith and the Heavenly experience as well as the tribulations besetting people of faith.

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