february 2011


Sweat It Out With Jack Lalanne

All Jack LaLanne clips posted at swaldo2000’s YouTube Channel

Jack Lalanne on how his father took his own life by ‘disregarding nature’s laws’—an occasion for Lalanne to council better diet and more exercise

Jack Lalanne—Time to Remodel: recondition your body just like you would take care of your house ‘If you do something about it today, everything is going to be yours—happiness, health, all these thing that you want. So make up your mind that you’re going to take a little more care and remodel this human house that the good Lord has blessed you with. Okay?’

Jack Lalanne’s 10-point self-improvement plan

Jack LaLanne on the body-mind connection: ‘If you develop the mind and neglect the body, then you are really in trouble.’

Jack LaLanne, The Effect of Bad Habits

Jack LaLanne, ‘You can turn back the hands of time’

Jack LaLanne’s avocado dip recipe

Jack LaLanne’s lunch menu

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