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Surf In Verse


Surfing the White Horse of Time

By Shaun William Hayes

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The present is like riding a surf board;
The wave of the future touches, in a moment, and is past
The rider remains, haltered to the moments
The moments of now, of touching

To live in the present is to cast out in front
To the future
To the wave yet to be ridden
To bring it on, and yet as it touches
To still look forward
To the wave yet to be

If we falter in this
If we watch the touching moment become past
Then we wipe out
Time on the board is no more
Cut off from the creative moment, floundering, we drown

So climb on your boards
Ride the white horses of time
The journey is dangerous but my O my
You ARE alive; you ARE a co-creator of history
Shoulder to shoulder with your god
Creating in the eternal
In the infinite, moment of now
(November 09, 2010)


Sound of the Surf (The Surfing Poem)
By Ralph Alfonso

Waves crash down
Morning mist
Hot sun burning
White boards rising
from the sand
camp stove coffee
smelling good
Fuel for the engine
Rhythm of the surf
Drums of the sea
One by one
into the ocean
throwing our bodies into
the liquid of life
Souls set free
astride our hearts
twisting and turning
propelled by ocean
into the white light of peace
fear the only obstacle
adrenaline the reward
sweat is our offering
baptized in the waters of
our creator
cleansed of our sins
given strength
to carry our message of
an infinite calm
a silence within
as day begins
the sound of the surf
dawn of the drums

© 1998, Ralph Alfonso


Newquay Waves set to “Do not go gentle into that good night,” as read by its author, Dylan Thomas. Poem originally published in the journal Botteghe Oscure in 1951. Video posted at YouTube by TheNewquaySurfer

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