Impending Broadway Disaster:
U2’s Spider-Man Music

In early September, U2 previewed music from the upcoming Spider-Man musical (Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark) on Good Morning America and has been playing it in concert on the current tour. The GMA segment included a clip of star Reeve Carney and his band, Carney, performing the title song.

The science fiction blog io9 was unequivocal about this impending theatrical disaster: "It's much, much worse than we'd feared. Did you know if you fly too high, you can get too close to the sun? That's star Reeve Carney singing 'Boy Falls From The Sky,' with his band, Carney. He seems like a great singer, and has the right amount of emo charisma to play a singing Peter Parker—but the song? Yeesh. This is making Rent look like an all-time classic."

Reader response was in the same vein:

From jonconnington: I know a guy who works in the Broadway Theatre world...from what he says, this is the most expensive show ever produced in New York, at least 50 million bucks in the hole and counting, and basically they'll have to sell out the hose every night for five years before they see a penny in profit...also, they'll be running with a million dollars a week operating nut....haven't any of these guys heard the term "cut your losses?"

From AndrosZ: Why is this still happening?

From sephycloneno15: Ouch, as if I didn't hate U2 enough when the vocals were being handled by an attention-whoring old douche...

From Cribbage Left: ..Kill me.

From Palmertime: I would like to take this moment to extend a heartfelt "congratulations" to everyone who was once involved in this production, but has since walked away.


From boylegd: Last I heard of this, Bono was going on in some interview about how he wanted to bring Spider Man back to the character's punk rock roots. The words "batshit insane" come to mind... hey, maybe Bono can score a Batman musical too.

From James T. Quirk: The Edge is the greatest bedroom guitar player in the world. Kudos to the army of roadies and the stomp-box companies who have been so instrumental (pun intended) in U2's success over the years.

Oh, and pay your taxes at home, you fucking hypocrites!

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