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One of the contributing editors to (as Dan Forte), Teisco is one of the great surf guitarists of our time, and an authority on guitarists and guitars in general. He’s now making a much-awaited return to live performing, and is planning a new record. Visit the site for the latest updates.
John Mendelsohn, who is responsible for the logo of, has had a solid career in website design. More may know him, however, as one of the finest music writers on the planet, from his legendary work in the early years of Rolling Stone (his trashing of the first two Led Zeppelin albums—he did concede in the review of Led Zeppelin II, however, that Jimmy Page is “the best white blues guitarist between 5’4” and 5’8””—remains a high point in the annals of RS hate mail lore) on to the present day. His website documents all this and more, including some of his exemplary fiction. He deserves a larger audience. We’re proud to have him as part of our team.
from the website: Local Table is dedicated to celebrating the people who bring us homegrown food from Tennessee farms. Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat. When we eat locally raised food, we can literally ensure the continuation of the family farm, protect our rural green spaces and support a food system that brings a steady supply of fresh, healthy foods to our towns and cities.
from the website: “Speaking of Faith” with Krista Tippett is public radio's conversation about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas. Each week, Tippett probes the myriad ways in which religious impulses inform every aspect of life and culture, nationally and globally. “Speaking of Faith” fills an important and neglected need in American media by addressing the intellectual and spiritual content of religion head-on, illuminating the ideas and practices that form the headlines from the inside. Now in its third year as a weekly program, “Speaking of Faith” has brought an unprecedented range of religious perspectives, voices, and topics to listeners on-air and on-line. The Columbia Journalism Review says of Tippett: "To listen to her show is to hear how intelligent and thoughtful religious people can be when they are allowed to be subjective and not merely regurgitate dogma."
In 2009 WQXR, which had been owned by The New York Times since 1944, was sold to New York City Public Radio station WNYC, which has shifted its classical music programming over to QXR now. The "new" WQXR will sound largely familiar to longtime WQXR listeners, with a commitment to the "best of the best" of the classical core, hosted by Jeff Spurgeon in the morning, Midge Woolsey in the afternoons and Elliott Forrest during the weekend "brunch" hour. WNYC's David Garland and Terrance McKnight now host classical music in the evenings on WQXR.  Naomi Lewin, the new afternoon host, joins WQXR from WGUC, Cincinnati's Classical Public Radio. Lewin has also produced Met Cameos for the Metropolitan Opera's international radio broadcasts. As a result of the sale, ‘QXR is now the weeknight home of one of radio’s “must hear” programs, “Exploring Music,” hosted by the formidable Bill McGlaughlin, whose enthusiasm and insights provide listeners with a most informative course on music history. McGlaughlin’s equally essential “Saint Paul Sunday” is also now on WQXR, Sunday mornings at 6 a.m.
Our Art Director is far better known as an exceptional multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. This website offers a generous sampling of his acclaimed solo albums and some unreleased recordings as well. As per the latter, pay particular attention to "Amanda's Album,'" a truly awesome one-man band rendering of some timeless country and folk songs, along with one new original tune.
The photography of Louisville, Kentucky-based Audrey Harrod, a favorite of (see her photos of the Punch Brothers in the April 2008 issue). Her site includes a healthy sampling of her music photography and equally impressive nature and city scenes work.
Grant Rohloff, one of the greatest of all surf photographers, captured the awesome grandeur and crushing power of the world’s oceans as surfers tried to conquer it. His work is rich in beauty, and moving in its depiction of the connection of humans to nature. This site, run by his son Chris, not only preserves his finest work for public consumption, but also offers prints for sale, and a variety of frame options. Must see.

CBG: The Chicago Blues Guide
Billing itself as "Your Complete Guide to the Chicago Blues Scene," and embracing the motto, "Every day is a good day fo the blues!", the online Chicago Blues Guide lives up to its mission in every respect. In addition to its guides to clubs, bands, radio shows, and record labels (and related links) located in the Windy City, it adds plenty of informative info on upcoming events, as well as the latest news of various goings on related to individual artists, tours, memorials, new releases and so forth, and original artist interviews (the current issue spotlights harp virtuoso Billy Branch and with Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater discussing his new Alligator Records release, as well as a photo spotlight on the 55th Anniversary party of the venerable Delmark Records label held at Buddy Guy's Legends club. CD, DVD and live show reviews (check out owner/publisher/managing editor Linda Cain's right-on appraisal of a powerhouse Nov. 1 double bill headlining Booker T. & the MG's and Mavis Staples, which had special resonance with election night approaching). All staffers, including Crain, volunteer their time and services to this worthy endeavor, which defines its goal in its Mission Statement thusly: "Our goal is to promote and preserve Chicago's blues music and culture in all of its forms, from traditional to contemporary blues, soul and R&B. We strive to unite Chicago's blues community and to connect with blues fans all over the world who share our enthusiasm for the city's great blues music and heritage. We also hope to inspire a younger listening audience for the next generation who will enjoy and carry on this worthy musical tradition that is, indeed, the root of nearly every form of music that is popular today."

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