july 2009

thumbnailTHE BELLEVILLE OUTFIT, Time to Stand There's every reason to like the Belleville Outfit, the swinging sextet whose 2008 self-released debut scored big with Americana fans.

TOMMY WEBB, HeartlandProduced by Ron Stewart (currently a member of Dan Tyminski's band, with a hitch in J.D. Crowe's band on his resume as well), Heartland, so aptly named, finds Tommy Webb, on his third album, demonstrating a command of vocal nuance more common to a seasoned veteran, in addition to simply asserting his sturdy presence on each song through the depth of feeling he imparts

thumbnailMAC WISEMAN, Bluegrass Hits And Heartsongs Originally recorded for and released on Cincinnati's Vetco label in the mid-'70s, this compelling 14-song collection finds the great Mac Wiseman revisiting a body of work dating from early 1952 to late 1954, peak years for Wiseman when he was recording for the Dot label.

DAVID GRIER, EvocativeWhen you listen to Evocative you'll be transported somewhere else for a bit, where memory summons a whole range of feelings that are the stuff of life. Look inward, and there you'll find David Grier's instrumental music speaking a truth that needs no words to get its transformative message across.

thumbnailBRYAN CLARK, Gossip, Inspiration And Slander

An artist who gracefully-and seemingly effortlessly—bridges the traditional and progressive, Bryan Clark makes a bold statement here. A double-CD set, its first disc is all acoustic, the second all-electric, but that's not to say the most intense energy is collected on the latter.

DADDY, For A Second Time

What do you get when you take two exceptionally talented Nashville-based singer/songwriter/guitarists who've been around the ranch long enough to know that any music not immediately suitable for marketing-propelled pigeonholing is likely best created and shared more for the joy than the jingle? You get Daddy, the rollicking new (addled) brainchild of Will Kimbrough and Tommy Womack,

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