AL CASTIGLIA, Keepin OnThose who have been following Al Castiglia since the release of his debut CD (Burn) in 2002 know he’s been on an upward path since then, and are likely to be unsurprised by the depth of his artistry—vocally, instrumentally, and as a writer—he exhibits on Keepin On. Even so, this new long player is a bold step forward for him, and an indisputable sign that he’s ready to join the pantheon of contemporary blues men. To those new to Castiglia’s work, Keepin On is a memorable introduction.

PETER PARCEK, The Mathematics of LoveLet’s face it, when Buddy Guy tells you “you’re as bad as Eric Clapton,” and Pinetop Perkins makes you his touring bandleader, you’re flat dealin’ some blues. The Mathematics of Love is his national debut, and it brims with the multitude of influences the gifted Parcek has absorbed and transformed into a personal voice. It’s a bonafide coming out for a solo artist who has found his voice, irrefutably, indubitably and provocatively.

PETE SEEGER, Tomorrow’s ChildrenAn album of songs featuring Pete Seeger, some younger friends, and some really younger friends—fourth graders from a school in Pete’s home bases of Beacon, NY—promoting the idea of responsible stewardship of the environment and energy-efficient solutions to the energy crisis: this is the climate change deniers’ worst nightmare in the form not of a scholarly Al Gore treatise but a multi-generational, common sense appeal to take care of the world around us, because its health is intrinsic to our own. Tomorrow is today. It starts here.

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