march 2011
beyond the blue

andyANDY FRIEDMAN, Laserbeams And DreamsIf Andy Friedman keeps making records as compelling as Laserbeams and Dreams, his third, being identified as a New Yorker cartoonist will soon become the last mentioned of his accomplishments.


speerD. CHARLES SPEER & THE HELIX, Leaving The Commonwealth--I’m not sure what it all means, but I know Leaving the Commonwealth has a monster quality, with Shuford/Speer juggling multiple ideas at once in his narratives, reaching back in time and then into some hazy future in trying to say something about the way we live today.

quiettTERRY QUIETT BAND, Just My LuckIn the spirit of Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, but emanating from the Kansas plains instead of Austin, guitarist Terry Quiett and his solid rhythm section of bassist Aaron Underwood and drummer Rodney Baker serve notice on this, their third studio release, of being ready to step into the front rank of contemporary blues bands.

nelsonTRACY NELSON, Victim Of the Blues--Victim of the Blues is a highwater mark for this beloved roots artist, as she uses the occasion to revisit some blues fundamentals in song. In doing so she proves the degree to which time has been on her side. Victim of the Blues exudes life, sounds lived and lived in, and makes of the heart a home. Her message is clear, unambiguous and sounds like nothing less than the truth.

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